Our Guide to Responsible Gaming and Helpful Online Resources

Gambling entertainment has long been part of Canadian culture. People of different ages and professions spend time on casino sites to have fun, get away from the usual hustle and bustle and try their luck at winning cash prizes.

However, such leisure can help to relax and have fun if the player gambles wisely. But unfortunately, gambling can cause addiction in its various manifestations. The good news is that to avoid this, you need to discipline yourself in the way you play online.

We have developed this guide so Canadian gamblers can learn more about responsible gambling principles and protect themselves or their loved ones from unpleasant consequences as much as possible.

Understanding What Responsible Gaming Is

The thrill of victory and the excitement of the game outcome are the feelings that every visitor to both physical and online casinos experiences. Nothing can replace these emotions for gamblers. The choice of entertainment is simply stunning, and thanks to the real-time game function, you can feel the atmosphere of true casinos while sitting on the couch at home.

However, all players must clearly understand that the main purpose you come to the casino is entertainment. With all your desire to hit the jackpot, the financial issue should recede into the background. Many gamblers are well aware of the dangers of reckless and uncontrolled use of casino sites. However, there are those for whom the idea of ​​gambling is only to win the jackpot in every possible way, and such people often get out of control.

It is important to understand and accept the principles of responsible gambling. This will allow you to enjoy the gaming process without going beyond the betting limits and without experiencing huge financial losses. That is, the essence of responsible gambling lies in that casino games are considered a way to have a good time without going beyond the budget.

These Factors Point to Gambling Problems

A player, who has hints of gambling addiction, or any other problems, cannot understand and admit this. However, anyone can recognize some red flags. When playing at an online casino, never ignore the following signs:

  • Going beyond the limits on deposits. The ability to stick to certain budget limits is very important in gambling. If you notice that you find it difficult to control yourself and repeatedly exceed the limit on bets and losses, this is one of the main signs of gambling addiction.
  • All savings go down to the games. Like any other entertainment, online gambling requires money. A problem-free player allocates a certain amount to the casino per month and tries not to exceed it. However, when a person spends all their savings on such leisure, which were intended for completely different needs, this is already a problem.
  • Gambling is no longer fun. The player can state signs of gambling addiction if the game no longer brings them joy and pleasure. Such players just come to win back their money.

Tips for Playing Responsibly

If, for a punter, gambling is just a way to have fun, then you do not have to worry that they will have problems with addiction. However, responsible gambling has a few golden rules to keep you safe: do not go over your limits and do not wager amounts you cannot afford to lose. Below you will find a number of recommendations on how to keep yourself safe in gambling and how to play wisely.

Tip #1

Plan your gaming budget before you even start playing. By setting a limit on deposits and the total amount that you are willing to spend on online games, you save yourself from the temptation to increase the amount at any time.

Tip #2

Set a limit on the time you spend on casino sites. This kind of entertainment should not interfere with your life. You should not replace work and time spent with family and friends with gambling. Decide in advance how much maximum time you can play per day or week.

Tip #3

Do not play under the influence of alcohol or when you are upset about something. Many people drink while playing in a casino or play when they are upset about something. As a result, the player makes rash, impulsive bets, which inevitably leads to a loss. You need to play with a clean head.

Tip #4

Do not borrow for the sake of gambling. Remember another golden rule: gambling is a way to have fun, not a way to make a living. Never risk your financial position and life to play in a casino. Do not allow yourself to sell valuable things or borrow money from people you know to gamble or win back.

Self-limiting Function

Popular and reliable gambling platforms offer players not only tempting bonuses and a wide range of games but also carefully follow all the rules and standards of responsible gambling. Many online operators offer a special feature to limit the amount and number of deposits. Check if there is such a feature on your casino site and find out how to set it up.

Where to Get Help

Many organizations in Canada help players prevent gambling problems and get rid of addiction. By interacting with such an organization, you receive support and advice from specialists. Thanks to their recommendations, you can overcome your addiction to games if you already have one. As well, such organizations share preventive methods to protect yourself when playing in a casino.

OrganizationSitePhone Number
Responsible Gambling Councilresponsiblegambling.org416-499-9800
Canada Safety Councilcanadasafetycouncil.org613-739-1535
Gambling Support BCbcresponsiblegambling.ca1-888-795-6111
Ontario Problem Gamblingcamh.ca888-230-3505
Gamblers Anonymous Canadagabc.ca626-960-3500

On all these online resources, you can find an online chat, as well as contact a specialist by phone. As a rule, such services are available around the clock, and the player can seek help on any issue related to problem gambling.