Your Detailed Guidelines to Live Baccarat

Are you a fan of the popular casino game called baccarat? Then, we have good news for you! Today’s online operators offer players to enjoy live baccarat online from anywhere and at any time of the day. On this page, you will find the most detailed guide on playing one of the most popular casino games with a real dealer.

Choosing a Site to Play Live Baccarat

The interest of Canadian gamblers in baccarat is growing every day. Today, this game is among the top most played, along with poker, roulette and blackjack.

To avoid the risk of falling for scammers or losses due to a careless approach to finding a reliable casino site, we recommend that gamblers familiarize themselves with our guides.

On, we write about the criteria for choosing the most reliable online sites that meet the highest online gambling standards. We also describe in detail the most popular games in real-time, basing our recommendations on the results of research and analysis of the gambling market.

Baccarat table

Popular Live Baccarat Options

The table below summarizes the three most popular live dealer baccarat variants and their key features.

Live Baccarat TypeGame Features
Punto BancoIn this baccarat variant, the participant in the game makes moves based on the initial cards that are dealt to them at the beginning of the game.
Baccarat BanqueThis game type gives more options to the players.
Chemmy BaccaratHere, players make their personal choices.

Live Baccarat vs. Standard Version

Real-time baccarat is different from the traditional one. Of course, the game rules remain almost the same in all its variations. However, the gameplay is somewhat different.

For baccarat participants with a real croupier, the minimum bets are usually higher than in the standard version of the famous game. This is most likely because it is more expensive for operators to pay for the services of professional dealers than to run the program online. By raising the deposit limit, casinos are trying to recover the costs of playing games in real-time.

Another critical difference is the time spent on the game. If in traditional baccarat the player is in no hurry, then in the live version of the game, everything depends on other participants and the dealer.

Basic Game Rules

The basic rules of the game apply to all variants of online baccarat. First, the player makes a bet: the victory will be for the player, the banker, or the game will end in a draw. As soon as bets are made, all participants receive cards. The game’s goal is to get your hand as close to the number 9 as possible compared to the hand of the other participants.

As for the cards’ value, anything over 9 equals zero. The values ​​of all other cards correspond to the face value of the card. If the accumulated total of points exceeds 9, the last digit is taken into account. For example, if a player scores 16, the final score will be 6.

Although the basic rules remain the same, some aspects change depending on the site and game variant. Therefore, before starting to play in real-time, we recommend that you learn the game rules of a particular casino.

Bank hands game

Player’s Chances of Winning

If a gambler wants to increase their chances of winning, they need to be careful when choosing a table. Moreover, it is recommended to bet on the most probable outcome and avoid the “panic bets” common in gambling.

In the game of baccarat, there are the following odds of winning:

BetProbabilityPayout Rate

Going into detail, in the case of the Banker bet, the house edge is about 1.06%. At the Player bet, this figure reaches 1.24%. The casino’s house edge is 14.36% if a player bets on a Tie. It follows from this that bets on the banker (dealer) have the highest chance of winning. However, not many players like to place stakes on such an outcome.

In some cases, not all eight decks of cards are used in the game. This causes the house edge to decrease if the player bets on the dealer to win.

Live Baccarat Providing Companies

The player’s experience and quality of the gaming process depend on the gaming software supplier the online operator works with. Some of the best creators of different live baccarat variants are:

Depending on the quality of the software used by the live casino, the mobile version of the game may have good/bad quality, high/low download speed, as well as differ in graphics and design.

Mobile Version and App to Play Live Baccarat

Almost all reputable online casinos today offer real-time entertainment for all tastes and devices. In addition, for the convenience of the player, casinos offer mobile versions and special applications to enjoy baccarat with a real croupier.

Even though you can count which games do not have mobile versions on your fingers, they differ in quality. Therefore, when choosing a site for playing live baccarat, consider only those options where the mobile version works flawlessly.