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Childhood sexual assault


A Compassionate New Year

by Linda Christina Redgrave 2016, a year I will never forget. My takeaway from 2016 was that I needed to learn how to be more compassionate with myself. Self compassion was not something I practised and was a concept that felt foreign to me. To survive the events of the past year, I needed to at the least be open to the idea of showing myself more compassion and less criticism. For the many people who are also going through...

Donna Bell’s Trial…it’s about time.

WARNING… Triggering content.  Childhood sexual abuse. In June 2016, Donna Bell, a native Scarborough, Ontario resident currently living in B.C., took the stand against her childhood abuser, Tom Furiano.  It was an historical case that took place 40 years ago. He was her drum and bugle corps instructor.  Donna discovered much later that the other kids referred to him as Chester, Chester the child molester.  Although he was twice Donna’s age, married and father of two, Furiano took 13 year...